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  Examine our system free for more than 30 days, til end of following month . register here . No cancellation necessary after the 30 days-free-period. If you want to go on, just pay 30 Euro/per month .  
  keep free og cost : Your access continues to be charged if you constantly have at least 25 boats in our database, there is no upper maximum limit, the more boats you enter the greater your success! Condition for the free access to wi .  
  They do not want advertising on your boat ads
No problem. For a payment of 15 € / month, minimum period 6 months to be next at 30.6. or 31.12. Your ads are free advertising. This decision can be made at any time!
  Simple handling! Just fill in the form and send into the net! .
If you already use another database, just mail us your adress and we put your boats aswell in our database. That´s free for you!
  You can use your objects, which you have in our database, free in your homepage. For that, we offer totally NEUTRAL links, which guarantees, you do NOT advertise for us. The advantage is, you just have to register your boats ONCE! Immediately after sending your boat-datas to our database, they are aswell in YOUR own homepage .  
  You get free an own homepage adress Clients find all your objects aswell here and in the database.  
  The number of pictures is NOT limited in our database. You can present your boat extremely detailed.  
  Each boat in our database gets its own page, aswell general AND on your own homepage. For that, you get a short adress, which you may use perfectly for your publishing, for example www.yourname.yacht4you/refnr.